Executive Committee

Anne Harper (Koordinates Limited)


Anne is the Business Development Manager at Koordinates Limited. 

Prior to that Anne's career included roles as GIS Technician, Geospatial analysts and Data Consultant in CoreLogic, Dept of Conversation and ESRI UK. Anne liaises with clients to capture and understand business requirements, designs, manages and executes geospatial projects and assists with external data sourcing. She is great at communicating how spatial solutions can help organisations in gaining efficiencies.

Anne embraces creativities, supports start-ups and stands out in her enthusiasm and commitment to the spatial industries.

SIBA portfolio: Publicity (particularly in innovations and start-ups), SIBA presence in external events.

Sam Drummond (Traverse)

Deputy Chair

Location matters because we can only be in one place at a time. Therefore people, property and businesses are most influenced by, the characteristics and opportunities near where they are.

Sam founded Traverse in 2015 to bring a confident understanding of location to every decision maker. He has over 10 years’ experience in business development, data integration and software delivery. He is passionate about partnering with businesses to put location information in its place as a trusted strategic solution empowering confident and accurate decision making.

SIBA Portfolio: Strategic Work Programme

Harley Prowse (Geographic Business Solutions Ltd)


Harley is the co-owner and co-director of Geographic Business Solutions (GBS), based in Auckland since 2002. GBS offers a full range of GIS consulting and applications development services focussed on the Esri GIS platform. GBS is a Gold Esri Partner.

Harley has considerable experiences (since 1993) with respect to all aspects of GIS including project management, strategic planning, business analysis, user needs assessment, application design and development, and data analysis, integration and capture. Apart from a 2 year Environmental Science role at Waikato Regional Council, Harley's roles prior to founding GBS (with Tony Elson) were all in the private sector relating to software and consultancy. Harley's years of consulting experience have been across a range of industry sectors including Local an Central Government, Forestry, Agriculture, Utilities and Transport. Harley's primary roles within GBS are governance, business development and account management. Harley was a founding member of the Executive Committee for SIBA NZ.

SIBA portfolio: SIBA hosted events, growth in Education sector

Chris Morris (Abley)

Chris is a senior manager specialising in location intelligence and spatial analysis with over 20 years' experience.  Chris thrives on helping organisations realise their potential by putting technology to work for them.  With multi-disciplinary skills Chris acts as a strategic leader, consultant, business analyst, trainer, salesperson and manager, and is adapt at applying knowledge and expertise to achieve successful outcomes for clients.

Chris is the Spatial Group Manager at Abley, a specialist professional services company with unrivalled abilities in transportation planning and engineering, spatial and data intelligence. Abley empowers its clients to make effective decisions by providing clear, insightful advice.

Ian Smith (e-Spatial a Harrison Grierson Company Ltd)

Ian is Spatial Lead at e-Spatial who are one of New Zealand’s leading independent consultancies. Ian has been involved in spatial centric roles across local government, utilities and transportation sectors for 25 years. Ian’s experience covers the end to end data lifecycle with experience that includes data platforms, business intelligence, analytics, data and system integration.  


Prior to E-Spatial Ian was the Enterprise Information Manager at Auckland Transport where he was involved in transforming AT to become a data and analytics driven organization.  Ian was also the Web, Mobile and Geospatial Manager for Auckland Council where he successfully led the integration of the legacy GIS systems and teams into the Auckland Council . Before moving to NZ Ian led the GIS team at Transport for London.

Tim Farrier (WPS OPUS) - Secondment

Tim is a Principal Geospatial Consultant at WSP Opus, where his primary role is the development of WSP Opus and Client’s geospatial capabilities.  Tim’s particular focus is on earth observation data and systems; photography, LiDAR and remote sensing.

Tim has worked in the geospatial industry since 1991, and has worked in most areas of business including production, product development, project management, business development and technical systems development.  He has also worked for Government and Private Sector organisations, and has an acute understanding of the role that both sectors have to play in maintaining and developing a healthy geospatial industry.

Tim has a keen interest in organisational capability and individual skills development, and sees these as key to growing geospatial across all sectors of the NZ economy.

Catherine O'Shaughnessy (Eagle Technology)

Catherine is the GIS Support Manager at Eagle Technology, the Esri Distributor for New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Catherine has been with Eagle Technology for over 20 years and has been involved in most areas of the business including technical support, training, project management and consultancy.

Prior to moving to New Zealand, she worked in GIS related roles in both the UK and Canada.  Catherine is passionate about growing the geospatial industry - through increasing awareness at all levels of education, community engagement and promotion of achievements. Catherine is also a founding member of the New Zealand Women in Spatial Committee which advocates for diversity in the geospatial industry and provides a forum for furthering this mission.

Andrew Ecker (Vicinity GIS)

Andrew is the Business Development Manager at Vicinity Solutions, and has been involved in Computer Aided Design and GIS for nearly 30 years. He has owned his own business for several years and been a part of successful high growth companies. He has been a supplier, trainer and consultant for GIS and related software. This includes assisting with RDBMS and GIS software setups, system design and development of custom applications and product extensions, and utilises Andrew’s innate ability to understand customer needs. 

Andrew Wall (HERE)

Andrew is an experienced Senior Data Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, and Strategy. Innovative and creative utilisation of data to solve business problems. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused on: International Business, and Commercial Law from Victoria University of Wellington.