SIBA 2017 AGM - 28th Sept. 2017

04.09.2017 17:41
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The NZ Spatial Industry needs you!

The Spatial Industries Business Association of New Zealand (SIBA NZ) 2017 AGM is being held on the 28th September in Wellington. In preparation for the AGM, the process for the SIBA NZ executive committee commences today with a call for nominations. There are elected positions currently open for nomination. Nominees are not required to secure a mover or seconder - you can simply nominate yourself. Each executive member serves for a period of two years with the Chair and Vice-chair roles for one year, both with an option to stand for re-election for further terms.

SIBA Executive: What's Involved?

Becoming a member of the SIBA executive is an important opportunity for member organisations to take an active role in leading the Spatial industry. It also provides an opportunity to experience other aspects of professional development outside of the core of your own role.

Activities for Executive Board members include:

 - Attend the monthly face-to-face executive meetings

 - Contribute to debate on a wide range of issues; and

 - Participate in activities in support of the Association.

In addition, you may also be invited to represent SIBA at conferences and events, attend meetings on behalf of SIBA (e.g. with private / government organisations and related parts of the wider community). You will also contribute in a wide range of areas such as events, skills, collaboration and helping to drive forward the spatial industry in NZ.


Executive members should represent full Corporate SIBA (NZ) members and exercise professionalism and ensure they are diligent when making decisions on behalf of the membership with all decisions benefiting the Association and the industry as a whole. These are exciting times for Spatial in New Zealand and this is an excellent opportunity for those in or related to the industry to experience other professional aspects of their career which would be complementary to their current role such as budgeting, facilitation, events planning and strategy development.

AGM & Nominations Actions & Key Dates

Below is the key information and dates for both the AGM and Nominations process:

 - Nominations close: 27th Sept. 2017 @ 12:00pm
 - AGM Meeting:  28th Sept. 2017 @ 4:00pm

Key AGM Items:

 - Chairman's & Financial Reports - Chair & Treasurer
 - Future Strategy Review - Chair
 - Kairuri Community Trust Update - Bill Robertson (SIBA Patron)
 - Elections & Confirmation of appointments - SIBA Admin

    Join us

    To nominate for an executive position please download and complete the nomination form and email it to the SIBA Admin at To review the SIBA (NZ) Constitution which gives more information on the role of the executive click here.


    Aside from the nominations we also want to you and your colleagues to join us at the AGM and Networking Event where we will be sharing our updated strategic objectives as well as receiving an update from Bill Robertson on an exciting new initiative to progress spatial and surveying in NZ. Please register yourself or other members of your organisation for the AGM and Networking here. Registrations close on Monday 25th September.


    We are very much looking forward to your participation in SIBA and to seeing you at the AGM event next month.

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