SIBA is committed to growing the spatial industry for the benefit of its members.  Joining SIBA ensures that your business helps shape and share in the future growth of the spatial industry in New Zealand.
SIBA has gained huge momentum in its short history, and continues to grow.  A strong, ever increasing membership will allow SIBA members to gain more long term business growth and improved profitability by providing greater business and market development opportunities as well as the highest quality networking opportunities in government and industry circles.
Joining an association is not about sitting back and waiting for it to do something for you - you have to USE the association to help yourself. It is difficult at best to influence government as an individual company - particularly a small company. We can achieve a lot more united. SIBA leads the way in identifying emerging opportunities such as water resource management and climate change to name a few. And in doing these things we help the industry to grow and that means you can grow too.

To start your application to join SIBA NZ click on the online application form below or download the SIBA information pack and application form here. Return the completed application to or PO Box 10 087, The Terrace, Wellington 6143.

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Corporate Membership Tiered Fee Structure

Turn over of less than NZ$250,000

Sole Trader

NZ$575 per annum

NZ$250 per annum

Turn over of NZ$250,000 or less than NZ$500,000 NZ$1,150 per annum
Turn over of NZ$500,000 or less than NZ$4 million NZ$2,300 per annum
Turn over of NZ$4 million or less than NZ$10 million NZ$4,025 per annum
Turn over of NZ$10 million or more NZ$5,750 per annum

Corporates whose core business is spatial and location technology, solutions and services.


Tier options based on revenue: $575 to $5,750 per annum

Other corporates who are business partners or interested in the spatial industry and will benefit from being a member.

Flat rate of $2,300 per annum

Government & education sectors, non corporate & other organisations who are creators, users & regulators of spatial data and solutions.

Flat rate of $575 per annum

Start-ups & entrepreneurs in their first two years of business providing spatial solutions and services.

Free for 2 years

Member Benefits and EntitlementsCorporateCorporate AffiliatesAffiliatesStart Ups
Voting rights at AGM------
Representation on the Executive Committee and voting rights on the Committee------
The use of SIBA logo and membership badge by joining
Advance and Sustain
Research on the positioning of spatial technology and industries with the emerging technologies. White paper (s) available to members.
Engaging with the Education sector to promote growth of the industry.------
Representation on significant national committees and projects.
Marketing/promoting opportunities – post relevant case studies and success stories on SIBA web site.
Annual NZSEA awards.
Advise and Advocate
Opportunities to provide input to government policies and issues arising.
Reports on the progress of the various government and industries bodies committees by SIBA executive committee members who sit on them on behalf of members. To be posted on web site.
Support and Inform
Networking events (e.g. SIBA breakfast series)
One free ticket to the NZSEA award dinner.----
Assistance and advice provided for NZSEA award entries.
Facilitate the import and cultivation of spatial skills. Engage with the Education sector, Immigration, Trade NZ (example existed) and the relevant streams of other industry bodies (such as Women in Spatial of NZIS).
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