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03.10.2018 16:19
Age: 1 year

2018 AGM Chair’s Report

2018 is my first year as Chair of SIBA and I really want to thank the previous Chair Scott Campbell, and the Executive Committee, for all their support. I also want to express my thanks to those who have been with SIBA for a long time and to the new members we’ve welcomed this year.

One of our major tasks this year was to review SIBA’s work programme. This is an important task as it sets our priorities for the year. As part of the review we created a number of workstreams – events / marketing & communications / membership / capability – and allocated an individual committee member to own each stream. Under each stream there are outcomes we wish to achieve and activities to make this happen. For instance, in the events stream the activity was hosting events under Techweek NZ.

Each stream needs support so we are always after more volunteers!

SIBA has always run events to take our stories out to the wider community and promote Spatial. We find it difficult to reach an audience outside the spatial community, so this is a key challenge for us. For the last two years we have run our SIBA events as part of the Techweek brand. Their marketing reaches an audience of over a million people, and by being associated with Techweek, SIBA can reach a much wider audience, which is our goal.

We ask entrants from the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards to speak at the breakfast series in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, showcasing their stories and promoting SIBA. This is the fifth year of these awards, which are growing in entrants and audience. The Women in Leadership award was added to NZSEA this year.

This year SIBA has also created a funding framework so we can support grassroots communities such as Emerging Spatial Professionals and Women in Spatial. The funds are given to help these communities to provide opportunities for their members and to support their initiatives, such as hosting events. This has also allowed us to sponsor conferences to raise awareness and to get the spatial message across.

Workforce capability is a significant workstream for SIBA. Businesses need to hire staff but are finding a skills shortage here in New Zealand. Universities are asking us for feedback about their courses, and we have supported marketing GIS as a career path for school leavers. This will be focus for 2019.

Highlights for this year have included the continued success of NZSEA and the number and quality of the entrants, with New Zealand entrants going on to win at the Asia Pacific Awards again. Our partnerships with Land Information New Zealand, NZ Tech,  SIBA GITA and NZ Survey + and Spatial underpin many of our achievements These have been critical in bringing together a strong spatial community. 

The coming year is the tenth since SIBA was founded, and we’re really going to celebrate this 2019 milestone! 

All those who have contributed to SIBA’s growth and achievements this year have created a solid foundation for our work next year. Thank you again for your continued support and hard work. We look forward to growing spatial with you all! 


SIBA Executive Team:

Anne Harper, Koordinates  (Chair)

Manu King, e-Spatial a Harrison Grierson Company (Vice-Chair)

Harley Prowse, Geographic Business Solutions (Treasurer)

Tim Farrier, AAM Group (Secretary)

Sam Drummond, Traverse

Andrew Ecker, Vicinity GIS

Sharyn Richardson, Critchlow Ltd

Catherine O’Shaughnessy, Eagle Technology

Chris Morris, Abley

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